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HRR Enterprises


HRR ENTERPRISES is a devoted firm striving to export world class stationary,basmati rice and paper related products which has a high demand in global market. We are situated in Mumbai, Maharashtra which is one of the leading exporters of our product from India so it enables us to provide all the requirements of our customers readily.
Our main aim is to get our overseas clients competitive prices without compromising on quality. We here at HRR enterprises combine our product knowledge with marketing capability thus creating an invaluable fusion. We stay true to our values that define us and provide best possible service to our customers.


The organization is run by a group of engineers having extensive knowledge of both technical and designing aspects of our products thus ensuring our clients impeccable service.

Furthermore, we are well supported by local manufacturing companies and we share an excellent business relationship. Our in depth market intelligence empowers us to provide a competitive advantage in terms of price and quality to our clients internationally.

Our team tries to improve continuously and deliver on our commitment that meets the need and expectation of our customers. We possess the ability of to develop products according to customer’s specification (customizable). We attempt to remove all the risks and uncertainties in our clients mind by providing best customer support thus creating a trustworthy environment for international trade.

Our dedicated team provides dynamic live updates of the projects carried out by us simultaneously to our buyers via weekly reports.


The main aim of HRR Enterprises is to expand global business relationships and create a benchmark in fields of quality, service and creativity.


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